Administrative Staff

    Image John O’Brien

    John O’Brien

    Head of School

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    Image Alli Minch

    Alli Minch

    High School Coordinator

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    Image Mary Ellen Arbuckle

    Mary Ellen Arbuckle

    Asst. Head of School

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    Image Beth Sprague

    Beth Sprague

    Director of Finance and Operations
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    Image Matilda Kasitz

    Matilda Kasitz

    Middle School Coordinator

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    Image James Pearson

    James Pearson

    Admissions Director
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    Image Nicole Stucky

    Nicole Stucky

    Auxiliary & Summer Programs 

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    Image Tim Rogers

    Tim Rogers

    IT Director
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    Image Cameron Brooks

    Cameron Brooks

    Facilities Director
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    Image Jennifer Darlington

    Jennifer Darlington

    Registrar/Administrative Coordinator

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    Image Debra Fralick

    Debra Fralick

    Business Operations Coordinator
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    Image Jose (Freddie) Ortiz

    Jose (Freddie) Ortiz

    Email me

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