Admissions Process

Tour and Interview

A campus tour is scheduled for parents and students (ideally when school is in session) to learn more about why Oak Hill is such a remarkable school. An informal family interview will take place at this time. Location Information

Submit Application

Fill out and complete the application packet and return to the front office at Oak Hill School along with your $100 application fee.

Schedule a Student Day Visit

After the completed application is returned, a school day visit will be set up for the student. They will attend a full day of class at Oak Hill, so the student, their peers and teachers get to know each other.


All students entering kindergarten and 1st grade are required to take the Gesell Assessment (see below). For 1st graders, this will take place on the student’s day visit. Students entering grades 6-12 will need to complete assessment tests in math and reading/literature. Usually, this too will occur on their day visit but, occasionally and due to time constraints, an additional appointment might be necessary.

What is Gesell?

The "The Gesell" is an assessment tool created by the Gesell Institute of Child Development. It helps educators understand the developmental age of a child. “Developmental Age” refers to or indicates where along a developmental timeline a child is generally behaving socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually as compared to the typical behavioral characteristics of that given age. It also includes skill levels related to language and learning. Many, if not most, children do not experience an even growth rate across these various areas of development. Some behaviors may be ahead and some behind those assumed to be typical of a chronological age.

A child’s developmental age may be different from his or her actual age in years. Kindergarten is the first year of formal schooling and some specific behaviors in all of these areas can be expected. These behaviors may or may not be consistent with your child’s natural, developmental stage at this time. His or her developmental readiness to meet these demands is closely connected to how successful he or she will feel in school.

Consideration of behavioral age is important when determining school readiness. Coping with school routines requires a child be able to achieve some level of self-reliance, adhere to rules, listen to and follow directions, wait one’s turn, work independently, and much more. Children are ready to start school when they can cope with the complexities of the school environment and learn at the same time.

One cannot push a child to develop more quickly; however, a large variety of enriching experiences can enable your child to grow more fully in skill and confidence at his or her developmental stage. By reading to your child often, encouraging imaginative play, by talking with your child and using everyday tasks as learning opportunities, you can make valuable contributions to his or her progress.


Once an application is submitted and the day visit complete, the Admissions Office circulates the application through the Admissions Committee which is comprised of staff and faculty members. Families that apply by February 15 will be notified of the decision by the Director of Admission by March 18th.

Oak Hill does have rolling admissions though when and where seats are or become open. For families that apply for admission at other times of the year, admissions decisions may take 1 to 2 weeks after completion of the application process.

Waiting List

Admission decisions are often very difficult. Many excellent candidates apply and our classroom space is extremely limited. Sometimes only one or two seats will become open in any certain grade per year. Due to this logjam, occasionally (and regrettably) we must place some great kids on a waiting list. This means that they would and will be admitted when and if a spot becomes open. it is important to know however, that the waiting list is not ‘first come, first served.’ The Admissions Office is tasked with building the most balanced and well-rounded classroom roster possible. We will fill any and all openings with the best candidate for that classroom at the time.

James Pearson

Director of Admissions

541.744.0954 x 105

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