Oak Hill believes that mentoring and advisory are an important part of the school growth experience. Upon matriculation into the Upper School, every student is placed into an advisory group of 8 - 12 students with 1 or more faculty mentors. These groups meets every Friday from 9:30-10:15 and often students the chance to tackle themes or activities related to school life, the community, or character development. A recent focus has been social media as it relates to interpersonal relationships, bullying, and on-line manners.

In our high school program, students also meet in specific grade-level panels to discuss additional life issues, including adjustments to high school and our college planning begins here.

Oak Hill has a dedicated college counselor. Students are taught how to explore college programs and faculty lists, how to find the right program for themselves. We bring in representatives from various universities around the country (including members of our own faculty) to discuss with students what Admissions Offices are looking for and how to make a successful application. SAT training and prep is given and college essays are honed. There is a long unit, with parental involvement, in the Financial Aid process and finding scholarships and grants.

Advisory competitions take place during the Fall Retreat, Fall Spirit Week, and Spring Spirit Week. 

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