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COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce that Oak Hill School Summer Programs will offer both on-site and online Summer Camps for 2020! Online and on-campus classes will be offered from June 22 to August 21, 2020.

Oak Hill School Summer Programs will operate under guidelines established by the Oregon State Governorís office, to ensure the health and safety of your children, as well as our teachers and camp staff. (To learn more about the Governorís Office guidelines for summer camps, click here.)

Some changes this summer: We are sad to inform you that we are unable to offer Super Summer or Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) this year. The health and safety of our young participants is our number one priority, and we are not able to implement these camps in the same capacity and format as we have done in the past due to the summer camp guidelines for COVID 19.

We are working diligently to build our classes and update our course offerings on the Oak Hill School website and on Active Camp Registration website.

Class offerings for the Summer:

  • Full-day mixed grades k-5 (KIDS Club)
  • Full-day grouped by grade level K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-11
  • Online Zoom classes
  • At this time, we are only able to take full day registrations; we are currently working on protocols and logistics for 1⁄2 day offerings.

Hours of Operation:

  • Kids Club: 8 am- 5 pm
  • Other on-site camps: 9 am- 4 pm
  • Zoom Online classes: 10- 11 am, 11:30- 12:30 pm, & 1- 2 pm combined with asynchronous learning **NOTE: No Before or Aftercare will be available this summer.

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Drop Off:

We've had some great questions about drop off procedures! To help answer your questions, we've created this short video. Please watch 2020 OHS SOTH Drop off video. Enjoy!

There is just 1 more step for you to do to prepare for the first day of camp. Please see attached the Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COVID-19 form. Please read carefully and sign and send it back to us prior to the first day of your registered camp. There are 2 options for getting the form back to us:

1.Email it back to us.

2.Print, sign and bring it with you the first day of camp and we will collect during check-in.

Please note that if the form is not completed prior to your first day of camp, you will be asked to fill out the form during morning drop off before we can check in your student.

Additionally, we have attached the Oregon Health Authority's Guidance for Summer Camps for your reference. We will be following these guidelines and added measures i.e. temperature checks, check-in questions about COVID-19 symptoms to ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at camp!

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Summer Program Information

Summer Program Bios

Image Anna


Anna Ball is a local writer and educator who believes that the art of writing can transform our awareness of the world around us and within us. Originally from Maryland, she recently earned her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Oregon, where she taught a year-long series of studio courses designed to foster a rigorous environment and supportive community for undergraduate poets. As a graduate teaching fellow, she was able to explore best practices for sharing her literary passions, completing several writing pedagogy courses and earning a teaching certificate through the Graduate Teaching Initiative. Before working with university students, Anna taught English as a foreign language in Italy, aided teachers in elementary school art classrooms, and worked as a gymnastics instructor for young athletes. Her own interdisciplinary studies in the fields of cognitive linguistics, foreign languages, literature, and creative writing underpin her continuing artistic inquiry into the mysteries of language as a medium.
Image Joey


Hi! My name is Joey Miller, and Iím the program coordinator for JC College Prep and Leadership Training this summer! Iím a rising junior at The Ohio State University studying History and PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics). When Iím not at school or camp, Iím walking my dog, reading about baseball, or rewatching ďThe Last Jedi.Ē This is my eighth year working at SEP and my second as part of the JC program. Iím incredibly passionate about the JC CPLT! We help guide rising high school seniors through the college admissions process while helping them grow into leaders who are confident and empathetic. At SEP, we build a supportive community for our JCs, and even though this year will look a little bit different, I firmly believe that this summer will be full of laughs and love. I canít wait!
Image Kelli


Hi! Iím Kelli. I made my way out to Eugene as a graduate student at the University of Oregon. I have an undergraduate degree in Child and Family Services, and I am currently working on my Masterís in School Psychology. Prior to graduate school, I worked in gifted education in Denver, Colorado. I am passionate about creating a safe and engaging space for all children to learn and grow. Outside of school, I take an interest in adventuring, exploring, and learning new things about the world. I am very excited to provide opportunities for students at Summer on the Hill to do the same.
Image Nathan


Originally from Washington state, Nathan is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at the University of Oregon. He studies mental health, identity development, and ways to create more inclusive school environments. In his free time, Nathan enjoys reading, biking, and taking care of foster dogs.
Image Nicholas


My name is Nicholas Hadley, by day I am a Spanish Immersion teacher at Monroe Middle School. Iím fluent in: Spanish, French, American Sign Language, and proficient in basic German. In my off time Iím a renegade foodie and chef. I host a food blog as well as various social media platforms! Bon appťtit and buen provecho to all!

Image Siera


Siera Kaup is a certified elementary music specialist in Eugeneís 4J School District and a director with Oregon Children's Choir. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a bachelorís degree in Music Education. Siera has also served as the Music Director at University of Oregonís University Theatre and currently sings with The Motet Singers.
Image Alex


Alex graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. In the summer of 2003, he began tutoring with an agency called Math is Magic, where he still sees students today. While gaining work experience as a recruitment coordinator for youth adventure jobs, an engineering technician for a civil engineering firm, a robotics instructor, a mathematics classroom specialist and a substitute elementary school teacher, Alex always continued seeing private students. 13 years later, Alex sees private students almost exclusively. Since the summer of 2013, Alex has been a summer and after-school robotics instructor when not tutoring. He began teaching robotics for the city of Eugene recreation department, and he now leads an after-school robotics enrichment class at Oak Hill Elementary in south Eugene. This summer of 2018 Alex will teach robotics for the Super Summer and Summer on the Hill programs. Alex is passionate about science, and he is an advocate of pushing STEM topics into lower grades. When Alex is not teaching STEM classes or geeking out on Astronomy, he might be found playing trumpet in one of four bands, working on graphic design, dabbling in website authoring, teaching mural workshops, backpacking or playing ultimate frisbee.
Image Hanna & Myrna

Hanna & Myrna

Hannah Ė (Left)

ďMy name is Hannah Baker, and Iím excited to be with Oak Hillís Kids Club! I moved to Eugene about five months ago from Idaho. I love the city and feel right at home, albeit Iím not as familiar with the inís and outís of the city as any local Eugenian. I study journalism and cinema part-time at Lane Community College, and Iím on track to transfer to the University of Oregon with an Associate of Arts degree. Iíve been involved in theater and the performing arts since I was six years old. My theatrical background often blends with my work with kids, so I never seem to stop playing. I love music, drama, dance, and any sort of creative expression. My favorite food is burritos. If you ever want to surprise me with coffee, I love a good Americano.Ē

Myrna Ė (Right)

ďMy name is Myrna McCarthy, I recently relocated to Springfield Oregon with my husband and daughters. Iím happy to start my life in such a beautiful State. Iím originally from Tijuana, Mťxico until the age of 16. Iíve lived in San Diego, CA the last 32 years of my life.

Iím a mother of two adult daughters who started at Lane Community College this winter. I have over 15 years of professional and personal experience. I have primarily worked with Preschoolers and Transitional Kindergarten. I attended Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. focusing in Child Development.

My passion has always been helping, educating, motivating, and nurturing children. I bring fluency in English and Spanish along with an essential understanding of any parental concerns. I make sure I have a positive relationship with students and parents in order to be a support system for the whole family. Combining my extensive hands-on experience with my artistic/creative thinking skills makes my job so fun! I enjoy all types of music, art, nature walks, languages, movies, and spending quality time with my family and our pets.

Iím happy to be part of Oak Hillís KIDS Club and start my new journey with students.Ē

Image Andrea


Andrea DiPalma is a graduate of the UO Fine Arts Department, former Resident Potter of four years at the UO Craft Center, Teaching Artist with Lane Arts Council and Treetop Academics, and creator of Dancing Hands Ceramics. She has influenced many aspiring students throughout the Pacific Northwest with her ability to connect them with their inner artist and her ability to give specific techniques that help students develop detailed projects and an artist sensibility. One of my earliest, most memorable moments of finding my lifeís purpose was in elementary school when I was nominated and endorsed for the newly formed gifted and talented arts program. To this day that moment remains an ineffable experience, but one that has shaped my existence because I profoundly understood that I had the power to create! From this place my passion for the arts and my commitment to education combine. I believe my twenty-four years plus of art making and teaching in all kinds of disciplines, mediums, and formats is a testament to my devotion and desire to empower others through the creative, expressive process.
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