Students are poised and prepared to become global citizens.

Our goal at Oak Hill School is to create a vibrant, dynamic educational community, united by the values of respect, compassion, communication, empathy and tolerance. Students, faculty and families realize the importance of a culturally diverse population and we seek to embrace everyone.

Each year, OHS welcomes international exchange students, guest teachers, and artists-in-residence from such varied countries as Thailand, China, South Korea, Pakistan, Mexico, and Russia. For the most part, these international guests live with host Oak Hill families where they are helped to learn conversational English and American customs. In class, the international students are integrated members of the student body. They take classes with and learn alongside domestic students.

This social and educational exchange is a richly rewarding experience for all. OHS students gain an understanding, respect and appreciation for the many different neighborhoods of the global community. They learn to recognize the differences, but more importantly, they gain the opportunity to see with their own eyes how very alike teenagers are the world over. We want all our students to graduate from Oak Hill poised and prepared to become global citizens.

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