Image Leia Pitcher

Leia Pitcher

Leia works for the City of Eugene, leading the office of the Police Auditor, which provides community oversight of Eugene's police department. She received a wonderful education from independent schools, and she was drawn to Oak Hill to provide a similar educational experience for her two children. She has been part of the Oak Hill Community since 2018, and she was honored to join the Board in March of 2020. She was elected Board Chair in July of 2021, and she is deeply committed to the school and its success. 

Image Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris

Secretary, Finance & Facilities Committees

Cynthia Morris is the mother of Mark Curtis (class of 2022). Her family came to Oak Hill in 2010 looking for a community with differentiated learning in the classroom and a superior and personalized student/teacher ratio. Cynthia operates a wholesale distribution warehouse, Petersen-Arne, that provides weekly replenishment to retail stores and ecommerce fulfillment in the sewing and crafting categories. Cynthia serves on both the Finance and Facilities committees of the Board of Trustees. She has been a driving force, together with Jesse Elliott, for the six major campus improvement and building projects weíve experienced every year since 2012, including the Hill Art Studios and barn renovation complex, remodeling of the MacDonald building creating new classrooms, and repurposing of the Cottage and Gonyea House into our new administrative core at the heart of campus. What Cynthia loves most about Oak Hill is that it provides what she wishes every kid could have: a caring community of bright and tolerant-minded professionals, dedicated to supporting every child to be the best they can be, while exploring all facets of academic and creative achievement in a safe, supportive, and inspiring natural setting.

Image Dan Franklin

Dan Franklin

Dan comes to OHS after a career in consumer affairs and nonprofit organization administration. He retired in 2013 after 33 years at Consumer Reports in Yonkers, NY. His work there included working with the Board of Directors and advocacy offices, facilities planning, and business policies review. His last position there was Labor Relations Director and Ethics Officer. Prior to that he worked as a consumer fraud investigator in San Diego, and was the first Executive Director of the California Public Interest Research Group (CalPIRG). He has a BA from Syracuse University and an MA from San Diego State University, both in American Studies. Between degrees he spent four years as an Air Force officer. His interests include gardening, woodworking, and current events.

Danís interest in OHS stems from his two grandchildren, Madeline (Class of 2027) and Jolie Moore (Class of 2030). Prior to relocating to Eugene last year, Dan and his wife, Donna, rarely missed Grandparents Day, flying out from New York for the event. Heís thrilled to have a shorter trip to OHS events, and to be part of an exceptional institution.

Image Randi Bowers-Payne

Randi Bowers-Payne

Randi Bowers-Payne is originally from Vancouver, Washington, but has called both the Midwest and Southeast home. She began her career as a labor organizer then as a Regional Director for an International Student Exchange program. Later she attended Michigan State University College of Law and became a member of the Michigan bar working as the Human Resources and Legal Services Director for a local school district and Regional Education Service Agency. In 2013, Randi and her family relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she initially worked for the Eugene School District as Risk Services and Human Resource Administrator. Later she joined the City of Eugene where she led as Director of the Employee Resource Center. In this role, she is responsible for leading the City's Total Worker Healthģ (TWH) programs including: Human, Labor and Employee Resources, Claims and Liability, Health and Financial Benefits, Safety, and Emergency management. In 2022, Randi left her role at the City and currently serves her community full time. She continues to evaluate the next steps of her career transition and remains deeply passionate and engaged in community wellbeing and equity. Randi loves spending time with her Husband, their son Henrik, and their goldendoodle, Atticus. Randi enjoys travel, the outdoors, design, and DIY'ing.

Image Elliot Berkman

Elliot Berkman

Elliot Berkman, PhD, is father to two boys in the lower school. He is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon, where he runs a research lab studying the neuroscience and psychology of goals, motivation, and behavior change. At UO, Elliot publishes research papers, writes textbooks, and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, neuroscience, and statistics. He also directs Berkman Consultants, LLC, a boutique consulting firm that uses insights from research to help clients manage change. He has a PhD from UCLA and undergraduate degrees in psychology and mathematics from Stanford University. 

Elliotís experience with independent schools goes back to his childhood in Los Angeles, where he attended Stephen S. Wise elementary, an independent Jewish school, and then Oakwood High school, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools like Oak Hill. His focus on the board is to ensure that the school remains committed to its vision of academic excellence. He serves on the Governance Committee of the OHS Board and as the Board Secretary.

Image Karli French

Karli French

Image Boris Aust

Boris Aust

Boris Aust is an owner of Fall Creek Nursery, a global blueberry company headquartered in Eugene. A native of Germany, he studied banking and asset management and worked for Commerzbank AG for 10 years before moving to Oregon. Boris has earned his Chartered Financial Analyst certification, his Executive MBA from the University of Oregon, and was CFO of Fall Creek for 12 years during its build-out across four continents. He now oversees their Family Office, supports business development, and is an active board member. Boris and his wife Amelie live in Eugene with their three sons, who are 7, 5 and 2. He enjoys hiking, volunteering in the community, and believes in the power of building strong teams for high-performing organizations.

Image Stephanie Stutzman

Stephanie Stutzman

Image Agnieszka Alboszta

Agnieszka Alboszta

Hello! Iím Agnieszka (sz = sh). Iíve lived in Eugene/ Springfield for a long time and maintain ties with my land of birth, Poland, and Europe in general. My educational background includes a bachelorís degree in International Relations, a Masterís in Philosophy and Religion, an ESL teaching certificate, and just as of this summer (2022) another Masterís from the UO in Conflict Resolution. I spent about 17 years teaching at the American English Institute at UO both in the classroom and online, where I developed a niche in critical thinking training which also provided me with many opportunities to travel and present workshops around the world. I am currently engaged as a program coordinator for Mediators Beyond Borders International with a focus on developing peacebuilding efforts related to Ukraine. On the lighter side, I enjoy outdoor pursuits, travel, reading, and most of all, being mom to my 5th grade son. Itís a pleasure to join the OHS Board and contribute what I can to strengthening this special school!

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