Upper School Directory

    Image Alice Chatham

    Alice Chatham

    6th Grade Science and Math

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    Image Alli Minch

    Alli Minch

    High School Coordinator

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    Image Armando Morales

    Armando Morales

    Upper School Spanish

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    Image Christiane Lamien

    Christiane Lamien

    Lower School and 6th Grade French

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    Image Dana Giles

    Dana Giles

    6th Grade English and History

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    Image Diane Hill

    Diane Hill

    Visual Arts

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    Image Elizabeth Moir

    Elizabeth Moir

    Middle School Science

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    Image Jennifer Sherlock

    Jennifer Sherlock

    Health Education

    Image Jenny DeLuca

    Jenny DeLuca

    Physical Education and Cross Country

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    Image Jim Luzzi

    Jim Luzzi


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    Image Justin Kittell

    Justin Kittell

    High School Physics

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    Image Kat Tippets

    Kat Tippets

    Upper School French

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    Image Kitsann Means

    Kitsann Means

    Theater Arts

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    Image Matilda Kasitz

    Matilda Kasitz

    Middle School Coordinator

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    Image Mia Tuan

    Mia Tuan

    Upper School Mandarin

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    Image Sophie Wang

    Sophie Wang

    Lower School and Middle School Mandarin

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    Stefanie Lune

    Middle School English and Social Studies

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    Image Tim McLaughlin

    Tim McLaughlin

    Upper School Music

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