About Oak Hill School: Our Mission & Philosophy

About Oak Hill School

Founded in 1994 and accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, Oak Hill School in Eugene, Oregon, is a secular (non-religious), private school offering a well-rounded pre-kindergarten through 8th grade education. Our goal is to inspire intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking and to promote physical well-being, respect for others, moral fortitude and a global mindset.

Read a welcome message from our Board of Trustees. Meet our school administrators, learn about our school community. Apply for an open position on our careers page or watch more videos about Oak Hill School.

What makes Oak Hill School different?

Acorn Small class sizes, low teacher-to-student ratios
Acorn Nurturing teachers who hold advanced degrees
Acorn Scenic 72-acre campus to explore and learn
Acorn Foreign languages start in kindergarten
Acorn Natural world program and outdoor pursuits
Acorn Technology, music, theater and visual arts
Acorn Physical education, athletics and activities
Acorn Small class sizes
Acorn Nurturing teachers
Acorn Scenic 72-acre campus
Acorn Foreign languages
Acorn Natural world program
Acorn Outdoor pursuits
Acorn Technology
Acorn Music, theater, arts
Acorn PE and athletics

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best pre-kindergarten through 8th grade education, creating caring and responsible critical thinkers.


Acorn Provide a strong foundation in core academic disciplines
Acorn Develop higher-order critical thinking skills for intellectual pursuits
Acorn Educate the whole citizen to think globally, ethically and humanely
Acorn Foster the values of integrity, honesty and respect
Acorn Cultivate emotional, social and physical development and well-being
Acorn Support the development of self-confidence
Acorn Promote compassionate conduct appropriate for today’s multicultural world
Acorn Engage students to participate actively and responsibly in learning and in leadership

Mission Leaf

Kind, encouraging and highly educated, our teachers are certified in their fields. More than 75% hold advanced degrees. With an average tenure of 8 years, our high retention rate is a testament to how much our teachers enjoy being part of our school community. Our faculty is truly exceptional.

Our students are friendly, dynamic, high-performing, curious, creative and motivated. Our student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 8:1 in grades PK-5 and 10:1 in grades 6-8. In addition to more one-on-one attention, our students develop strong bonds and close relationships with their peers and teachers and benefit from a well-rounded education.

When you become part of the Oak Hill School community, you’ll be in the company of other parents and families who are dedicated to supporting students through active participation. As an independent school, we do not receive tax-based school funding. Instead, we operate on tuition and donations and with the financial support of our families – all with the intention of providing students an education and experience that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Our goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic educational community, united by the values of respect, compassion, communication, empathy and tolerance. At Oak Hill School, our families are genuinely involved and committed to supporting our students’ success. Similar to a PTA or PTO, the purpose of our Community Support Association (CSA) is to encourage family involvement in school activities, facilitate communication between families, teachers and staff, and work together to strengthen our school community. Families are asked to contribute 30 hours of school-related community service each year.