Located on a beautiful 72 acre campus in the Willamette Valley, Oak Hill School is Lane County's premier independent, secular school serving students Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

The school was founded in 1994 as a college preparatory institution, and has a current enrollment of 175 students.

Through more than twenty-eight years of growth and change, OHS maintains the highest of academic standards. We are committed to excellence, and keeping true to our mission of creating curious, caring, and responsible critical thinkers.

Give to the Annual Fund

Dear Oak Hill Community,

The time is now. We have ten days left in our 2022 Annual Fund campaign - This is Oak Hill's primary fundraising event, and it ends November 29!! Your contribution today will have more impact than at nearly any time in our schoolís history. Thank you in advance for reading, considering, and engaging.

Oak Hill School is embarking on a 5-year transformation to a more robust PK-8 school, known in our community as the unmatched option for holistic high-quality education for our children.

Are we on the way? Yes. Are we where we want to be yet? No.

Here is some context:

We are in a transition. Last spring, our Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to close the High School. For the long-term future, this was important Ė the High School was not financially solvent, and it was clear that unlike the demand for Middle and Elementary, the market to grow it was limited given most familiesí desire to send their children to larger schools with a more diverse experience.

This change opened the door to imagine a future where Oak Hill could evolve to the next size and level as a private school: to simultaneously enrich the quality of education and student experience, increase scholarship availability, and establish long-term financial stability for further development.

How will we do this? Here are our core strategies:

Grow the lower school, with a target to grow to two classes per grade in the next 5 years. We will accomplish this in the lower school by balancing our facilities with community demand. Growing our lower school first will result in growth into the higher grades and will allow us time for responsible infrastructure and personnel investments.

Grow the middle school, with a goal of reaching full capacity within 2 years.

Achieve a cost ratio where tuition fully covers operating costs, considered best practice for Independent Schools. We can easily meet this goal by filling our current enrollment gaps.

Improve our compensation and benefits packages so we can recruit and retain the best teachers, as we know they are the heart of what makes your children's experience so special.

Professionalize the schoolís capacity for alumni outreach, grant eligibility, fundraising, and growing our foundation for long-term endowment.

What are our top priorities this school year?

  • Execute well. Oak Hill staff is 100% focused on the programs, enrichment, and classroom success for your children this year, despite lower revenue short-term from the lack of High School tuition, timed before our recruitment push for next year. The Annual Fund, more than ever, ensures that this happens.
  • Recruitment for the 2022-23 is the next top priority, as higher revenue launches the goals above. Most recruitment happens between now and late Spring. This gives us time to plan infrastructure and teacher recruitment for the Fall based on these commitments.
  • Campus safety and maintenanceupdates. After two years of the pandemic without many people on campus, we had (1) safety updates, (2) deferred maintenance and (3) new fire regulations regarding brush and blackberry management on our very large property informed by the Fire Marshal. Maintaining this beautiful campus is a significant expense, and we offer sincere gratitude to the generous families who have donated their time and funds to supplement and help deal with our back-log to make our Campus safe and beautiful.
  • Marketing and digital infrastructure. An Oak Hill family generously donated to fund a full engagement with local marketing firm Turell Group to do the following:
    • Improve the internal communityís experience for both parents and teachers, and update our branding and messaging for recruitment. Make Oak Hillís brand match the actual richness of the Oak Hill experience.
    • Perform a 3rd party assessment by engaging faculty and families to understand Oak Hillís strengths and challenges.
    • Update brand and graphics, messaging, and communications. Build a new website that has login for parents with a ďsingle source of truthĒ for all information, events, and deadlines, as well as a more effective outward facing website to aid in recruitment. This will be developed and rolled out in the coming months. Please watch for volunteer opportunities to test and give feedback at Beta stages.
    • Parent and faculty input in surveys and focus groups has been invaluable for the Turell group. THANK YOU to all who have participated now and in the future. You spoke and we listened, and we are actively working to elevate the Oak Hill experience for everyone in our community!
  • Expand the Board of Trustees and Board Committees. By the end of the school year, we expect to add a number of board seats and seats on Board committees to ensure representation, quality oversight, and strategic execution. We anticipate a transparent process that seeks specific skills, perspective and experience, so we can compose a board capable of bringing Oak Hill into its next vibrant chapter.

Here is the truth: the future for Oak Hill to reach its full potential is at our fingertips. But like any nonprofit organization, it will become what we make it. With heart, grit, passion, excellence, and care.

If you are able to donate to the Annual Fund, please do so. Even $1 engagement will help us secure grants in the future if our whole community gives. If you can give more, it enables our staff to execute on the goals outlined above.

Do you have questions about Oak Hill's finances and the Annual Fund?

  • Caitlin Hudson (Co-Head of School and Director of Finance and Operations), Boris Aust (Board Treasurer), and I (Board Chair) will be available during and after the Turkey Trot on Tuesday, November 22 to answer any questions you have. We are also working on holding aside time for an additional Q&A on Monday, November 28. You are also welcome to direct questions to any of us over email (chudson@oakhillschool.net, boris.aust@oakhillschool.net, or leia.pitcher@oakhillschool.net).

Would you like to direct your contribution to specific areas?

  • This option is now available! If you would like to direct a contribution to any of the following areas, you may do so by including a comment with your contribution:
    • Faculty Support
    • Tuition Assistance
    • STEM/Robotics
    • Facilities
    • Arts
    • Area of Greatest Need
  • If you have already donated, and you would like to direct your donation, please contact the front office and they will be able to assist you.

If this vision and these strategies excite you and you want to be a more active participant in building Oak Hillís future, put your hat in the ring. We want to know who you are. What your skills and experience are. If you see a need that you want to fund, letís work together to bring that to fruition. Letís organize and channel energy toward our collective future.

Thank you for making this yearís Annual Fund our most successful ever, as a resounding statement of our belief in this special place that is Oak Hill.


Leia Pitcher

A First Class Education, Beneath the Tall Trees

1372 OHS average SAT score

100% Graduation Rate

99% College Matriculation

More than 1 million dollars in Financial Assistance awarded in 2019

16-to-1 student/teacher ratio

What Makes Oak Hill Special?

Oak Hill School prides itself on high academic ideals, standards, and expectations. 

We nurture bright, caring, curious and critical thinkers. 

Our students are ready to go out an explore the world. 

Atop these scholastic foundations, we build an appreciation of arts, humanities, and creativity. Three foreign languages are taught K-8th (Mandarin, French, and Spanish). 

Every student has P.E. every day.

There are intensive art electives, jazz and rock bands, theatre and public speaking classes for our Lower School students, tech classes and an Outdoor Pursuits Program that challenges students in ways they did not believe possible. 

Oak Hill School strives to paint students in 3 dimensions.

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