Welcome message from the directors

At Oak Hill School, our goal is to inspire intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thought, to promote physical well-being, respect for others, moral fortitude, and an inclusive and global mindset. Oak Hillís commitment to providing a first-rate and fully-rounded education in a nurturing setting is all-encompassing. Our students are bright, happy, and engaged. Our teachers are passionate, talented, and wholly dedicated, and we offer an extraordinary breadth and depth of electives, unique programs, and opportunities to our students as we prepare them for life in the 21st century. Our parents are also deeply devoted to the school and are clearly involved as partners in the learning process. The feelings of warmth, inclusivity, and community on the campus are palpable.

We believe that a strong independent school must focus its energies on developing self-confidence and encouraging risk-taking and collaborative approaches to problem solving in and for its students. 

Continued emphasis in these areas is vital to a studentís success in school, and the foundation work must begin as early as possible, both in school as well as at home. Learning is a complex process that results from the studentís own thinking as well as from his or her real life experiences, and then proceeds according to each studentís individual timetable for growth and development. Teachers, therefore, have a responsibility to stimulate learning in all developmental areas and to strengthen a studentís self-confidence and positive feelings toward learning. A secure and effective school embraces and cultivates this philosophy, and this is happening every day on our dynamic campus.

We look to nurture the development of the whole student-- emotionally, intellectually, morally, and physically. In addition to encouraging curiosity and a love for the challenge of learning, our program aims to advance the development of individual character (especially honesty and integrity), foster an appreciation for diversity of thought, background, race, culture, and socio-economic standing, and to engender respect for the needs, rights and beliefs of others. We also believe we have the added responsibility to help students appreciate and respect oneís own body, enjoy physical activity, and develop the skills necessary to participate in various athletic endeavors.

We realize that the face of education in America and elsewhere is changing rapidly as the world becomes more and more of a global community. Globalization has made it abundantly clear that schools and the students and teachers in the 21st century will need to continue to focus less on memorization of facts that are unconnected and more on studying information in ways that promote deeper critical thinking (analysis and synthesis) and creative, innovative, and collaborative approaches to problem solving. Developing a true global mindset and an understanding and appreciation for other cultures and beliefs will become increasingly important for students. More inclusion in the curriculum of both non-Western history and world language study will also be necessary in American schools, as English is no longer the most widely spoken language on the planet. Additionally, technology has become part of the fabric of education, and schools must acknowledge their pedagogical obligation to not only embrace it and remain current with the latest practices and applications, but to also address the ethical and responsible use of technology by students. Todayís students are being educated for jobs that do not yet exist, but the mastery of the previously mentioned core skills and abilities will be vital to studentsí successes in whatever careers they choose. At Oak Hill we are committed to a program that embraces all of these needs.

It is exciting to know that the Oak Hill community is not content to rest on its laurels but is instead looking to the future with both a sense of pride in the schoolís many accomplishments as well as an understanding of the priorities and challenges to be addressed.

Oak Hill is a wonderfully vibrant school and we look forward to seeing you on campus!
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